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Everyone Knows He's Bendy
Toons! We claim they're for kids but we all secretly like them. And the next video game flash in the social media pan is 'Bendy and the Ink Machine', a horror first-personer that isn't even properly out yet garnered a cult following overnight like Five Nights at Freddy's and Undertale before it. This one's all about an old 1920s-30s era cartoon character that has come to life. I love cartoons. I love the old cartoon aesthetic. And I love Halloween-y stuff. Because of all that, I've decided that I'm gonna avoid this game like the plague! Why? Well, the Bendy fanbase hasn't devolved into a dysfunctional mess yet, but I've seen how these things go. Oh yes, I know it well... I survived FNaF and Undertale, and I still sometimes wake up screaming... I can't go out into society anymore without something triggering the flashbacks... one sudden sound then I'm back down the river, hunched over fetal, screaming into the communications radio about how furry animatronics and boinking skeletons are coming OUTTA THE GODDAMN TREES-

Sorry, that got a little dark. Anyway, I'm an old curmudgeon who hates everything new, and while I'm sure the game's going to be great I'm shying away from it for now, because when the fandom gets big enough it's eventually going to attract a lot of crazies and will inevitably go to pot, by which point anti-Benders are going to confuse my interest with the old-timey cartoon feel with some kind of zealous Bendyboner, which just isn't true because I liked the old cartoon aesthetic before it was cool. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go watch MTV for fashion tips so I can say I saw them first. Hmph!

Oh yeah, the picture. It's based on a still from the episode 'Everyone Knows It's Bendy' from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. I remember watching that cartoon well, though I don't remember what I thought about it. My mother liked it, oddly enough, and she's not that big into cartoons! Anyway, this episode featured a character called Bendy, who was a dick. So does Bendy and the Ink Machine. Oh my God, it must be destiny! A destiny that has been fulfilled in this image, wherein an abomination of two Bendys combined shows the has-beens of the indie gaming world who the new kid on the block is. I appreciate it's not the best reference, and that maybe I should have gone with the more obvious idea of combining Ink-Machine Bendy with an alcoholic robot with a shiny metal ass.

By the way, I put the image on the TV screen in my right here ( because I thought it was too funny to not show everyone. What kind of name is '', anyway?
Upcoming Steven Universe MMO
Yes, here it is - cover art for the upcoming Steven Universe Massively-Multiplayer Online Game! This is the only source of information that's been leaked about it, but I for one am excited! This looks to be a large-scale, action-packed battle-between-worlds of a game, and the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that it's not all just lesbian crying rocks, but it's all character, it's all adventure, it's all-consuming black holes! Travel around vibrant landscapes, forge companionship with other players, delve into enemy-infested dungeons and argue about who gets what in-game loot, which turns into bickering, fury, and friendships destroyed as quickly as they were formed, all over a bunch of imaginary trinkets composed of colored dots on a screen! Buy this game and forget you ever had a real life!

Or better yet, go outside! But mind you don't get a cream pie or a bucket of cold water dropped on your head, as it is after all April Fools Day!
Well, that's about all she wrote for 2016, and I'm sure you've noticed as of late that a lot of people are quite happy to see the back of it! And I'll agree, this year has been quite a rough year in general for a variety of different reasons reasons, but hey, at least it wasn't as bad as 1816 or 1347.

The two big reasons that some people are denouncing 2016 as the worst 365-day period in recent history are as follows: one, a lot of celebrities died this year to the point where it doesn't seem all that coincidental anymore, and two, controversial business magnate and political novice Donald J. Trump was elected to have the prestigious responsibility of being president of the United States and a good chunk of the international free world. I'm gonna share a few words about them here, because it would be weird if the fireworks started off heralding 2017 and I still had my Halloween introductory journal up.

With regard to the celebrity deaths, I will say that the amount of famous people kicking it seems to have gone up as of late. I first started noticing it in 2014, and it seems that more and more celebrities have been meeting premature ends more often ever since. However, I'd put it to you that this might have something to do with us being more sharp-eyed as of late - perhaps as a result of earlier tragedies, we've been keeping an eye on how our favorite celebrities are doing so that should someone in the public eye pass on from this earth, be it of natural causes or through some misfortune, we are more likely to notice it and attend to it in a greater deal than we did in previous years. I don't really want to use any examples at the moment in case I cause any distress, but perhaps you can think of one person you've heard of who's died this year that perhaps we wouldn't have paid as much attention to if it happened another year. All this just means that we of the public have become more compassionate towards the stars among us, so take that as a silver lining if you will!

Now, as for Trump being president, this is causing concern because A.) he hasn't had any real experience in being any sort of political leader as all we really knew him for was being the host of The Apprentice, and B.) while he was making his speeches he proposed policies and made statements that - and I'm just gonna lay out all my cards on the table here - were quite hurtful for a large number of different people, whether he realizes this or not. But the biggest worry I have about all this isn't anything about Trump (I'm willing to give him a fair chance), but about whether everyone in America is still going to be able to have a fair say. I'm worried that people will use Trump's victory (or Hillary's loss) as an excuse to make other people feel like their opinion doesn't matter. We need to be able to have different opinions, and we need to be able to share them with everybody or else nothing would be fair and we'd have a real dystopia.

But man, the thing I despise most about 2016 is that this year more than any, we really got a taste of how divided and snappy we've become! We are living in an age of hypersensitivity, where people have become less tolerant of other people's guff to the point where, rather than just quietly having a word about the issues we have with them, we just yell and bawl at them, try and silence their voice and ultimately make them feel like they're worse people than they actually are, and that leads to them lashing out at more people, and it goes in a vicious circle. By closing ourselves off from each other, we become a self-minded, myopic and miserable lot indeed.

So as a final word of wisdom before we kick off with the new year, let me humbly offer some sage advice: in a vitriolic environment where everybody's screaming at each other, joining in on that screaming won't make your point stand out. What will stand out, however, is compassion, kindness and gentle words. Too often we make enemies of people who could just as easily be our friends.

Thanks for another year of fun and thrills everybody, and I leave you with a choice inspirational quote from Bill Vaughan: 'Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to'! Happy 2017, everyone!


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I'm a big fan of the LA horror rock band Creature Feature.

I also have Steam account and a Youtube channel if you're interested.


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